«Настоящим Публичное акционерное общество «Мобильные ТелеСистемы» уведомляет пользователей платформы «Smart-RUS» о прекращении пользовательского соглашения (договора) в связи с окончанием срока его действия, установленного пунктом 7.2. Пользовательское соглашение будет прекращено в дату окончания текущего календарного квартала - 30 июня 2021 года.»
«Настоящим Публичное акционерное общество «Мобильные ТелеСистемы» уведомляет пользователей платформы «Smart-RUS» о прекращении пользовательского соглашения (договора) в связи с окончанием срока его действия, установленного пунктом 7.2. Пользовательское соглашение будет прекращено в дату окончания текущего календарного квартала - 30 июня 2021 года.»
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  • With Experienced Teachers

    We have experience in teaching students from 157 countries
    Personalized service whatever your age, goals or native language might be

    With Experienced Teachers

    We have experience in teaching students from 157 countries
    Personalized service whatever your age, goals or native language might be

    In a Good Company

    What do I like about this school? Everything!
    These Russian guys are very cool! My level of Russian is now up +1. I got rid of my language barrier. I know so many words now and can easily speak. People in Russia are very friendly and forgiving of my mistakes :)))
    Laura Garciaimg
    A student from Spain majoring in ecology at RUDN
    I have been studying Russian for about a year. My Russian is now much better. I use it for work to better understand my partners from Russia. I have a busy schedule and don't attend classes as often as I would like But my teacher is just great! I studied Russian at different schools, but I finally chose this one and I do want to continue.
    Siu Weiimg
    A businessman from China specializing in retail
    We have been living in Canada for 5 years. When we started looking for a Russian language school for my very active sun, it was hard to believe that he could sit still during online classes. But it turned out that there are teachers who can really keep his attention! He even does his homework on his own. He started reading “Pettson and Findus” in Russian! I couldn't believe it was possible. I am very grateful, and I recommend this school to all Russians I know here. My biggest thanks to these professionals!!!
    Alexandra Safronovaimg
    A Russian expat who doesn’t want her 7-year-old son to forget Russian
    A textbook on your smartphone is the most convenient way for those who have always wanted to learn, but never really had enough time. I started styding this wondersul language so as not to upset my Russian grandmother, who thought that my Russian was terrible. I take self-study courses to improve my grammar and writing, and as for speaking - I have plenty of practice within my family :)))
    Maria Trovatoimg
    Born to a bilingual family, studies Russian to understand her grandmother
    I started learning Russian last May. Since I did not know any Russians to talk to, I had a language barrier and was fearful of going to study in Russia. I didn’t believe in studying online, but the first lesson with my teacher changed everything. Lessona are very well structured, and they also have a good mobile app. Now I am studying at the RUDN University in Russian and, of course, speak Russian.
    Amady Millaimg
    A student from Congo majoring in economics at RUDN
    My employer suggested studying at this school. They gave me a simple test to find out what I already know and found a teacher for me. His name is Nikita. I did know just a little bit of Russian, so it was interesting for us to talk. I have made good progress in 3 months, I now better understand my Russian clients. This is the goal of my studies.
    Onur Galkarimg
    A hotel guide in Turkey
    It is very comfortable to study from home, especially during a lockdown. I have been studing for 9 months with the same teacher. I started from zero. I'm making progress now and see that it is the result on my efforts. So I will do my best because I want to study medicine in Russia.
    Sitaram Panditimg
    A school student, studying Russian to enter a Russian university
    My company sent me to work at our Russian office. I knew that it would be difficult to build relationships with my colleagues without knowing any Russian. So I started learning this language at a school considered to be the best in the world. I've been studying for 2 years now. My teacher got me so interested with Russian literature so that it became my new hobby. Now I don't study Russian for work but to read books by Tolstoy.
    Wincent Schneiderimg
    Expat, started learning Russian for work in Russia but continued after falling in love with Russian literature

    Even Astronauts Study with Us

    imgGarret Reisman“Dear RUDN University! Thank you so much for teaching Russian. It's the first and the most important step to orbit! Special thanks to Ms. Marina Novikova”
    img“Dear Marina Lvovna,
    thank you very much for wonderful classes. I wish you to be successful in your work and happy”
    Koiti Vakata
    imgPaolo Nespoli“To Ms. Zinaida.
    Thank you very much for your great patience, your professionality and your great love”
    imgJohn Phillips“To Ms. Zinaida Nikolaevna -
    Thank you for your patience and friendship!”

    Any format

    One-on-one classes with a professional teacher according to a personalized curriculum and schedule — the fastest way to achieve your goalOne-on-One Classes
    Work on your speaking skills and practice communication with interesting people in a convenient group formatGroup Classes
    If you prefer learning at your own pace, self-study courses are the perfect fit for youSelf-Study Courses
    We provide teaching services for companies that work closely with Russian partnersPrograms and courses for any industry, flexible schedules, and tailored progress reportsFor Companies


    All inclusive for $100 per month!
    The all-inclusive tariff
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    • unlimited individual lessons with the RUDN professors
    • unlimited conversational clubs with native speakers
    • unlimited group courses with the RUDN professors
    • unlimited access to self-study courses.

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    Students from 157 countries representing 500+ nationalities

    Frequently asked questions

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    Why Learn Russian?

    Our students have different goals such as:
    • To enroll and study in a Russian university. Russia is a world leader in training technical specialists, including mathematicians, physicists, chemists, geologists, engineers, programmers, and doctors. Russia's top universities place highly in leading global rankings.
    • Enhance your business cooperation with Russian partners, strengthen networking and unlock new opportunities across oil & gas, nuclear, medicine, and IT.
    • Prepare for a conference or business trip to Russia
    • Enjoy Russia's rich tourism, with historical towns and beautiful nature reserves — everything you need for a memorable adventure the world's largest country, rich historical heritage, untouched wilderness.
    • Preserve Russian in multicultural families so children can communicate with Russian relatives and stay in touch with their roots.
    • Read classical Russian literature and watch movies by famed directors in the original
    • Meet new friends. Russians are known for their spirit and hospitality, and Russian women are considered to be the most beautiful in the world.
    • Be like Elon Musk — communicate more in Russian on Twitter Twitter.

    Can I study on my mobile phone?

    Yes. You can install the mobile app on a smartphone: iOS or  Android.

    Can I prepare for TORFL for admission to a Russian university?

    Yes you can.
    RUDN has the longest running program for foreign students preparing to take the TORFL — the compulsory examination required to enroll in a Russian university. The lecturers at RUDN have over 60 years experience of teaching Russian as a foreign language and have worked out a unique teaching methodology to lead a student to his aims and goals

    Do you give course certificates?

    Yes you can get a certificate issued by RUDN after successful course completion

    Do you offer preparation to become a teacher of Russian as a foreign language?

    Yes, and Russian is growing in popularity as a foreign language. For example, the U.S. State Department is planning to spend $9 million to teach American children languages including Russian. With the right qualifications, teaching can become your main occupation or a source of additional income. RUDN's lecturers are here to help train specialists and are ready to share their expertise. We have a feature-rich online platform with teaching materials, and can offer in-depth consultations about the most challenging aspects of teaching

    Additional questions?

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